How does your Guaranteed Rental scheme work?

We offer a fixed rental for a fixed term. The company become your tenant. During this time we will let the property, often to professionals and will treat the property ‘as if our own’. We will cover and pay for any day to day maintenance (up to £100), meaning the landlord can truly cease worrying about the property for the entire term of the agreement.

What sort of rent do you pay?

Often we can see an angle on your property which can increase the rent, allowing us to offer you a competitive figure compared to using a Letting agent along with taking into account voids, maintenance and legal responsibilities. We have been known to offer above market value for properties in the right condition and distance from town/transport links.

What are the benefits to me?

Virtually all the hassle and risk of residential property letting is removed.

  • No void periods
  • No commission
  • No fees whatsoever
  • All lettings regulations are dealt with
  • Regular income you can rely on

What’s the next step?

Get in touch and after an initial assessment, we will arrange to visit your property immediately. We listen to our clients and will tailor our offer based on your circumstances.

What’s the catch?

No catch. We are property professionals with a portfolio of rental properties ourselves and give you the opportunity for us to take you properties under our wing.

What’s the guarantee?

Catford and Lewisham Lets Ltd will be your tenant. Therefore you have the benefit of having a trusted and reliable, respected company to deal with, one who is 100% responsible for your property.

How quickly can it start?

We can often start our agreement within days of the first contact and the payments are made in advance and the first payment is made upon signing the agreement.

By using Catford and Lewisham Lets ltd, you receive a regular, fixed, guaranteed rent, which is paid whatever happens.

Types of accommodation

Clean, bright, fresh rooms with communal areas serviced weekly. Central locations make this economical living arrangement ideal for commuters.