About us

We source and manage properties to meet the high standards our clients require.

Further more, with many years experience of letting and managing property we understand the importance of excellent management procedures to ensure happy tenants.

When you rent from us you can expect:

  1. A friendly and professional service
  2. Clean and well maintained properties
  3. A prompt response to any queries or problems
  4. Accommodation that is affordable and feels like home

How it works

Basically our service provides No Voids, No Hassle, Low maintenance, One tenant and all for a minimum period of 3 years.

We take the pain out of owning and renting a property. We understand that a lot of people have either become tired of dealing with the day to day issues with their properties or they have become landlords by accident and don’t really have the energy or knowledge required for the work that owning a property can take.

We as a company rent your property from you, paying you your rent in a timely manner, and then allocate the property to working professional clients. All tenants are fully vetted before taking occupation of your property and sign assured short hold agreements or contractual agreements usually for 1 year or longer. Should any tenant fall in arrears with rent you will continue to be paid your Rent and we will take steps to deal with these arrears.

Typically we would require a lease of at least 3 years (We do also consider a lease of 12+ months for the right property). This means that you do not have any voids at the end of each year when you would normally be looking for another tenant. However, for new properties in areas we are not quite as familiar with we may request an initial 6 month break clause so we can be sure that the property suits our clients.

We will only bother you with maintenance issues that are serious, and will present you with three quotes to choose from for the more complicated jobs, and also arrange access to the property so that you are never disturbed. The small jobs (up to £100) we will just do ourselves (with your permission).

If this sounds too good to be true, please get in touch to arrange a viewing or consultation to see how we can help.



Types of accommodation

Clean, bright, fresh rooms with communal areas serviced weekly. Central locations make this economical living arrangement ideal for commuters.