Who We Are

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  • Safe and secure

    Safe and secure
  • Economical and affordable

    Economical and affordable
  • A place to call home

    A place to call home


Catford and Lewisham Lets Ltd is a business designed to meet the needs of an ever growing market of high demanding, professional tenant’s whilst assisting Landlords to achieve maximum return on investment with minimal effort.

Have you experienced this?

Trouble finding good tenants. Unplanned costly repair bills. Long void periods. Hassle from tenants.

We could be the answer to your problems.

  1. We will become your tenant and let to fully vetted professionals
  2. We carry out low level maintenance
  3. We become the contact for tenants so you don’t receive any calls
  4. We pay your rent regardless of void periods
  5. All legal checks are carried out and up to date
  6. All this and you have no fee’s to pay!

Catford and Lewisham Lets Ltd takes the pain out of being a property owner. We can also help if you have a larger portfolio that is becoming hard to manage.

Get in touch to arrange a free viewing or consultation to see how we can help.



For Landlords



Investment opportunities

Savings not performing?

Not getting the return you deserve from your current investments?

We offer great investment opportunities from our high yield business strategy and are actively seeking individuals for future joint ventures.


Our latest feature takes a look at Progressive Property Network.

Progressive Property Network (PPN) are local events across the UK, near you, for UK property investors of all levels. PPN will educate, inspire, entertain, and support you in becoming even more successful in property. PPN gives you access to the best professional property people an extended, ready-made network.

Types of accommodation

Clean, bright, fresh rooms with communal areas serviced weekly. Central locations make this economical living arrangement ideal for commuters.